quinta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2017

End the blog

Hi everyone,how are you?
It 's going to be the end of my blog with you today.
I really enjoyed blogging here because Ilistenid tô everything that was owned.

In my next job is going to be doing a vlog on YouTube Iwamt everyone to write on my channel.
I like the blog because I'm not wast time with the blog I earn time with it alway I use the blog the works,express my feelings etc...

I love the blog


quinta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2017

Father day

I love my dad, he's my hero, not even the father-style remote control robbery, but my dad is much better
This robbery has one thing in common which is tobe much more very nice father really likes a game called Clash ofClans. This game is very cool besidesenjoying games. He likes to read.


domingo, 30 de julho de 2017

On holiday

Hello,I'm going to talk about technology  Today
                                                            "Vacation tech rules"

We can' no use electronic gadgets in he room;
 Have access to technology from 5:00 p.m To 9:30 p.m;
On weekends these rules are free but we have to fulfill some thanks like

1-Eat breakfast;
2-clean the room;
3-do the trash;                                                 
4-brush the toorhi;                                                            
5-place the cothes in the washing machine;            
6-do the holiday lesson.

On these holiday I did not use much technology but I sow some video about the technology of the years 2020.

    This is he via link I saw _https://youtu.be/KYoMG_nxon91
During these voucations I had a dream that I was a robot created by a mechanical scientist who developed a maca that servid as my heart as if it were real in that dream I realized that the technology has deseloped much more.

These were my hostory on voucations.

sexta-feira, 23 de junho de 2017


SAN FRANCISCO -- Uber acknowledged hiring a former Google engineer - now accused of stealing self-driving car technology - despite having received warnings that he was still carrying around some of his former employer's property.

In May, U.S. District Judge William Alsup ordered Uber to return the stolen files, writing that evidence indicated the company "knew or should have known that he possessed over 14,000 confidential Waymo files."

segunda-feira, 19 de junho de 2017

June Festival

Hello today I'm going to talk about the junina party so inside the party junina has many fireworks but this is very dangerous mainly in argentina so they created the fireworks but of meteor but this is still in tests in a few years can demter chance To come to ob

I hope you like the blog byk


hello everyone,I'm going to talk about the news that is going on there is more about the technology I saw a report that created a cell phone in Japan inside it comentout fan and works on the cell phone is not more phone and America to improve satellite in 2023

                                                 I hope you like the blog by

My Blog

   Hello my name is keisuke am 11 years old my favorite technology is pomputer in fact I like all technology
   When I was younger I did not understand the technology,from my 9 years comedy to understand more to know the technology so far I have a lot of difficulty in technology .
                                                 I hope you like the blog by